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Disclaimer and Privacy

Do NOT take any leagal steps against us, without contacting us first

Privacy, Data security and Disclaimer

1. General

The Online Website Pecoonja, collects, stores and processes data based on this policy and applicable law exclusively.

Users of the Projekt Pecoonja Internet application and Projekt Pecoonja customers have to accept this policy with the registration or the signing of the contract. Guests of the Internet application automatically accept this policy with the use of the website.

2. Privacy

The privacy and data security of our customers, business partners, members, users and employees (below only called users) we handle with care.

3. Storage of Data

With the registration the user accepts the storage of personal data. Only personal data will be stored, which are required to run the business, to ensure the data security and are mandatory by law.

The data input by users have to be true.

4. Deletion of Data

If the reasons of data storage, listed in paragraph 3, omit and the statutory period is expired, the data will be deleted. If data cannot be deleted because of data structures (e. g. in bonus plans), it will be depersonalized. This means that all parts of the data will be deleted, which could enable an inference to the origin user. It is technically impossible to restore an depersonalized or deleted user account.

5. Transfer of Data

Projekt Pecoonja does not transfer user data to a third party without explicit agreement of the related user.

Inside the area, which is protected by a login, the data, listed below, will be accessible by other registered users:
- User name (not the real name of the user).

- Native country of the user.
- Status information related to bonus plans.
Projekt Pecoonja provides marketing tools, which enables the user to publish personal data. It is the users liability to decide which data will be published.

6. Users Obligation of Co-Operation
It is obligatory for all users to co-operate to maintain privacy and data security. This concerns the issues below (amongst others):

- The Projekt Pecoonja applications may only be used for the designated purposes in the designated way.

- Passwords and other parts of the access control may not be published publically and have to be stored in a manner which makes is impossible that others could get access to it. An Projekt Pecoonja employee will never prompt a user to surrender a password. If a user suspects that others have knowledge of the password or was asked for the password by an Projekt Pecoonja employee, it is obligatory to change the password immediately. It a user breaches this rule, the user is liable for all resulting damages.

- If a user suspects that the user account has been abused, it is obligatory to contact the Projekt Pecoonja support immediately.

7. Links, Disclaimer

- Projekt Pecoonja provides links to external Internet addresses (hyperlinks) and contents only after careful checks. Should a link be illegal or breach the rights of others, please inform Projekt Pecoonja immediately about the problem. Projekt Pecoonja will check the case and correct the problem promptly if applicable.

- Projekt Pecoonja is reliable only for links and contents, provided by Projekt Pecoonja .

- Projekt Pecoonja does no assume liability at all for contents provided by users. Should such contents be illegal or breach the rights of others, please inform the management of Projekt Pecoonja immediately and it will be forwarded to the related user. Projekt Pecoonja reserves the right to remove, block or delete such contents. No compensation for deleted contents will be offered, even if the complaint turns out to be unfounded later. In the case of recurring irregularities, Projekt Pecoonja is authorized to disable the related user account.

- Projekt Pecoonja accepts legal steps only if Projekt Pecoonja has been informed about the facts and reasons which could caused the legal action and that Projekt Pecoonja was given enough time to eliminate the problem.

Any invalid or unenforceable provision in this policy shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable one which comes as close as possible to the invalid or unenforceable provision. The remaining parts of this policy keep absolute validity.

Status: 01.02.2019

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